An independent financial boutique offering services in financial and investment advisory as well as personalized wealth management at the highest global level.

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Albacore Boutique prides itself on a combination of expertise that brings competitive advantages in specific market segments and a philosophy focused on assisting and supporting entrepreneurs.

Albacore is led by experienced professionals with extensive international experience and excellent local connections. Our work focuses on close collaboration with entrepreneurs, management teams, and other stakeholders to achieve above-average results for our clients.

Financial advisory

At Albacore, we partner with our clients to analyze, provide independent opinions, and help execute chosen strategies during some of the most complex and pivotal moments for their companies.

Our transaction advisory services include guidance on mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, buying and selling companies, establishing joint ventures, and management buyouts.

When a company faces financial distress, it is crucial to focus both on the big picture and the smallest details. Due to the extraordinary and stressful nature of restructurings, it is essential to trust your advisors during such periods.

Our financial restructuring services encompass debt reduction, modification of financial covenants, extension of maturities, independent company reviews, liquidity and liability management, and refinancing.

Our financial market capabilities cover a wide range of transactions in private and public equity and debt financing, such as bank loans, sale and leaseback transactions, private investor loans and equity, advising on the appropriateness of issuing bonds or commercial papers, infrastructure and project financing, refinancings, advising on shareholder relations, and more.

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Investment advisory

In the field of investment advice, we work with financial institutions, successful entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals (professional clients) seeking professional support to grow their wealth.

Our activity is based on an approach inspired by the best practices of Multi-Family Office companies, which are already well known and highly developed abroad. We work with entrepreneurs and their families who need professional advice on managing their earned assets during their active career or after selling their business. We specialise in optimising traditional investment portfolios through the use of liquid alternative investments, using quantitative models to ensure that our clients’ investment portfolios have the optimal risk-return ratio.

We work with strategic partners to offer liquid alternative investments. Most of these strategies follow an absolute return strategy, which means that they consistently deliver positive returns irrespective of the trend of the financial markets. Their main characteristics are consistency of returns, high liquidity and non-collusion with traditional investment classes such as equities and bonds.

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Individual wealth management

“Individual Wealth Management” is for entrepreneurs who need help managing their surplus cash. As an affiliated broker dealer of Intercapital Asset Management, the region’s leading independent asset management firm, we offer our clients tailor-made investment strategies to help them (or their family) achieve their agreed investment goals.  

The main objective of individual asset management is a tailor-made investment strategy for the entrepreneur. We carefully guide the entrepreneur (and their family members) through the process of identifying a personalised investment profile, where we define all the necessary items to successfully achieve the investment objectives over the investment horizon.

The main focus is on risk management, as the entrepreneur must not allow his/her portfolio to fluctuate significantly. This is the reason why the appropriate start-up strategies for an entrepreneur are generally balanced or defensive. Understanding the intergenerational expectations and needs of the individual entrepreneur (family) is an important factor in determining the timing component of an investment start-up. Taking into account the risk profile and the time component, the entrepreneur ultimately determines the strategic asset allocation, which also defines the target return of the investment portfolio.

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Four steps to success

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Identifying your needs and expectations

We will work with you to find a solution that meets your company’s objectives.

Creating a plan that fits your goals and budget

Our solutions are tailored to your organisational culture, available resources and the way you do your work. This means that we give you several options on the scope of our engagement and you can decide how much or how little you use us.

Implementing the plan with you

We will not only work side by side with you for the duration of the project, but we will also provide you with advice, resources and training to ensure that the results will be available to you long after the project has finished.

Evaluate whether we have met your requirements and helped you achieve your goals

We follow the highest standards of service delivery and always welcome feedback on the quality of our work.

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Advisor to the company in relation to the acquistion of mobile frequencies



Advisor to the board of shareholders in the takeover of private individuals on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange


Renewable resources (Solar)

Advising a rapidly growing supplier in the renewable energy sector for potential sales


Renewable resources

Advisers to a client in a potential acquisition


Industrial supplies

Adviser to the market-leading B2B provider of industrial material in its possible sale to a strategic investor



Adviser to the company's minority shareholders in a secondary transaction



Adviser to the company's shareholder in the sale of the majority stake



Adviser to the company's majority shareholders in the sale to a strategic investor


Our employees are a key element in achieving our goals.

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