DEVELOP EXPERT MARKET TIMING SKILLS for Insitutional traders and analysts in equitIes, FX, commodities & Cryptos

The workshop is being organised by BETA Group and Albacore and is endorsed by the CFA Society of Slovenia and the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. The workshop will be presented with one of the leading experts in the filed in Europe Trevor Neil, who has more than 40 years of experience in leading insitutions such as Merrill Lynch, Bloomberg and from running hedge funds

19 – 20 April 2022
Grand Union Hotel, Ljubljana


What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is a trading discipline employed to evaluate investments and identify trading opportunities in trends based on data such as price and trading volume. It assumes that the human nature does not change and the supply and demand are a consequence of mass psychology. This means that one can forecast the future based on historical data. Prices are not random but moving in trends – it is better to follow the trend than to fight it (The trend is your friend). In addition to forecasting trends one of the key application areas of technical analysis is risk and money management through the right sizes of trading positions, stop loss and entry stop orders, setting of price targets, etc.

Workshop description

This is the ONLY technical analysis course completely tailored to the institutional workflow with special emphasis on how to supplement your knowledge of fundamental analysis and risk management. In the course of the workshop Trevor Neil will coach you to become a better market timer and achieve better performance in  trading and hedging. For the CFA chartholders ampng you, the curriculum will cover all the aspects of technical analysis covered in the CFA Curiculum and expand on it.

Trevor will share his 40+ years of skills and experience using both Bloomberg & Eikon (Thompson Reuters) in different markets such as electricity, gas, crude, carbon, coal and other energy types.

Due to the high demand we are organising a workshop specifically designed for energy traders on 21 and 22 April , which is focused on electricity, gas, crude, coal and other energy soruces.


Trevor Neil

Trevor is a portfolio manager with 40 years of professional market experience since starting as a coffee floor trader for Merrill Lynch in 1974. Trevor’s trading expertise includes commodities, forex, bonds, energy and power and equities and equities derivatives. Trevor was on the committee which formed the Society of Technical Analysts, the UK professional body and created the CFTe exam, now accepted worldwide as a leading qualification for technical analysts. He was for four years Head of Technical Analysis at Bloomberg before returning to manage a hedge fund again on 2004. He is currently a fund manager and professional technical analyst based in the UK.

He is an Accredited Training Provider of BETA Group courses in association with the ACI International world-wide. He is an Associate Editor of The Technical Analyst Magazine. He works closely with Refinitiv and London Stock Exchange Group  clients which sponsors his popular free monthly webinars, Trevor Neil’s Technical Analysis Surgery. He offers exclusive institutional skills training and coaching for traders and trades actively as a portfolio manager.

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Albacore is a corporate finance advisory boutique offering mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and debt and equity raising services in Slovenia and the region. In the last few years, we have noticed an increased demand for alternative investments that improve the diversification of portfolios and high-quality private wealth services and are working on expanding the range of our services to cover these two areas. Our view is that technical analysis skills together with best practices money management and risk management are becoming more important than ever and have therefore partnered with BETA Group to bring this workshop to Slovenia.

BETA Group is a company engaged in the organisation of seminars and workshops for stockbrokers, portfolio managers and analysts working at the leading financial institutions globally. The obtained knowledge is suitable as preparation for certifiactions in the field of technical analysis such as CMT, CFTe, CISI international certificates, etc. The seminars are often organised in partnership with the Technical Analyst Magazine and Thompson Reuters. All of the lecturers at BETA Group have several decades of experience from investment banks, energy traders, hedge funds and stock brokers.

Interesting fact

Japanese candlestick charts

One of the very popular visual tools of technical analysis are the so called candlestick charts. It is assumed that they were developed in the 18 century by a rice trader named Munehisa Homma (1724-1803). In 1710 forward contracts (coupons) were introduced to rice trading in which the sellers could fix a price on a certain date in the future. Soon after the introduction a very active secondary market with this papers emerged on which Mr. Homma made a fortune with the help of analysing the psychology of the market participants. In 1755 he wrote a book The fountain of gold – the three monkeys records on money, which is considered the first book on the subject. In the book he postulated that the emotions of the traders have a big impact on price. His famous statements is that when everyone is negative prices will rise and vice versa. He described the rotation of Yang (growth) and Ying (fall) and that in both of them there is a little bit of the other. In his trading apart from prices he also used data on the weather and volume of transactions.

Candlestick charts have the advantage that they are very visual and the lowest, highest, opening and closing prices within a time interval can be quickly identified. They are used to determine trend reversals and establishing areas of support and resistance in the fall/growth in prices.

During the workshop we will get acquainted with the basics in candle stick charts and the main single and multiple candle patterns indicating a likely trend reversal. The chart patterns have very interesting names in Japanese such as morning and evening start, hammer, 3 white soldiers, hanging man, etc.



19 - 20 April 2022
  • Individual approach at the workshop
  • The price includes both hot and cold drinks, snacks and a lunch
  • 20% discount for Eikon users and CFA Insitute members
  • 10% additional discount for all participants in the case of two or more from the same organisation



Ensure your place!

The number of participants is limited to 30

21 – 22 April 2022
Grand Union Hotel, Ljubljana

Develop expert market timing skills for electricity, gas, carbon, crude and coal traders

The workshop is being oranised by BETA Group and Albacore and is endorsed by the CFA Society of Slovenia, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. The workshop will be presented with one of the leading experts in the filed in Europe Trevor Neil, who has more than 40 years of experience in leading insitutions such as Merrill Lynch, Bloomberg and from running hedge funds

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