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Wealth advice for people in permanent employment is not suitable for entrepreneurs, who usually receive large one-off payments from dividends or the purchase price when they sell their business. This is why at Albacore we have tailored our wealth advisory services to the needs of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are a special kind of people. They are visionaries, open-minded and courageous. They are passionate about their work, innovative and, from first to last, extremely persistent.
The reward for success is profits (dividends) and, if the company is sold, capital gains. Throughout their career, entrepreneurs have been willing to accept risk of faliure in exchange for the opportunity to make a large fortune
The wealth advice for employees on fixed and relatively constant incomes is always to save and invest in equity/bond markets, which offer a higher return than bank interest in the long term. However, it is typical for entrepreneurs to generate money at a given moment in time for several future generations, and such advice is wrong.
The main thing is that once you create wealth, you don't lose it, and that it grows at a relatively constant rate.

We complement traditional investment strategies with alternative investment solutions (at the client's request)

Liquid alternative funds

The main purpose of investing in alternative investments is to achieve better diversification and lower risk of the overall portfolio or higher returns, but the problem with this investment category is the flood of different providers that are not suitable for the investor's portfolio.

In order to ensure maximum security and added value, Albacor has partnered with a number of alternative funds that we believe have the most suitable strategies for entrepreneurs and are also highly liquid (quick exit is possible).
In addition, strategies should be chosen that have a low correlation with investments in stocks and bonds (e.g. if the return on stocks is negative, the impact on the alternative fund's return should be low or at least significantly less than the return on stocks).
In general, the range of strategies in the field of alternative funds is huge. At Albacor, however, we place emphasis on carefully screening a wide range of alternative investments, only the best of which we add to our clients' portfolio. We rank the investments according to risk and place them appropriately in each client's portfolio.
All the funds we work with are fully regulated by the relevant securities market agencies. At the same time, we have a personal approach with the investment managers of these alternative funds and we are not just a number to them.

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