Business sales

Selling businesses so as to maximise the financial returns to the owners, whether the owner is a company or private individual shareholders, is a specialist skill. 

The level of complexity is relatively high and small variations in the sale process can have a significant impact on the consideration received.
Just some of the key factors to consider include:

Unless you have been through the process before, selling a business is much more complicated and arduous than you would think. 

The sale of most businesses with revenues of more than €2 million is a complex exercise, generally taking several months.

The complexity comes from the large number of variables involved. To achieve the right result and to achieve your strategic goals from the sale process takes strategic planning, a lot of work and, most importantly, the right advice. We specialise in providing this advice.

Business acquisitions

There can come a time in a company’s development when organic growth is no longer sufficient to satisfy the shareholders. 

This can be because of the need to accelerate growth or, more defensively, because of poor growth prospects in the company’s current sector. Either way, badly executed acquisitions can be highly damaging to shareholder value. The use of experienced external advisors in the acquisition process helps deliver the optimal results through:

Although the potential rewards are high, for any company the acquisition of another company usually involves a step into the unknown, and carrying out activities that are not in the core skill set of the company. Through the provision of expert advice and assistance, Albacore assists companies in tilting the risk / reward balance in their favour.

MBOs and MBIs

In certain situations, management buy-outs and buy-ins are forms of transaction which can represent the best available solutions for both the selling shareholders and the acquirers.

In most circumstances appropriate safeguards need to be enforced in order to ensure that fiduciary duties are obeyed, but provided the safeguards are adhered to MBOs and MBIs can prove to be the optimal solution for all parties. In many situations MBO or MBI teams do not have sufficient capital to make the acquisition outright and we work to advise teams on raising capital and implementing structures to ensure that the transaction is affordable. Please contact us directly to confidentially discuss any opportunities and the fiduciary duties of buy-in or buy-out teams in such a situation.

Joint venture formation

When we advise clients on the establishment and operation of JVs, we typically tell them that the most critical factors are to have mutually compatible shareholders with a shared vision for the future strategy for the JV. 

If a shared vision is in place and the two corporate cultures are compatible then most other factors can be agreed, but if this is not in place then the JV is unlikely to succeed. Other key areas that will typically need to be regulated by agreement between the JV partners include:

The process of negotiation of the key elements of the agreement are usually invaluable in assessing the level of compatibility of the parties. Albacore provides experienced assistance to companies in navigating their way through this process.

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