Equity raise

Equity requires a higher rate of return than debt as the owners of a business get repaid after the lenders and are therefore exposed to more risk. On the other side equity financing is flexible as there is no fixed repayment schedule and the investors generate their return only when the company is profitable.

There can be many different reasons why companies seek to raise additional equity:


To reduce high levels of leverage


To raise expansion capital for either organic expansion or for an acquisition


To repurchase equity from exiting shareholders


To gain a partner with complementary goals and expertise

Albacore advises clients on matters such as the amount of capital required, the valuation of the company, potential funding structures and terms, and the profile of potential investors.  We will then work with our clients to determine and execute the most appropriate strategy given their specific needs, including the management of the entire process so that the outcome allows then to achieve their strategic goals.

Raising debt

 If a business is considering raising debt, whether through senior bank financing, private debt placement, commercial notes, or issuing bonds, it is critical to match the cash flow generation profile of the project or business with the structure of the debt. While the pricing of the debt (interest rate) is an important consideration, the most appropriate debt profile should be the primary focus.

Our areas of expertise with debt raises includes the following:

As with most of our projects when we are assisting our clients with raising debt we start by building a robust financial model which is used to determine the financing need and cash flow generation of the business on a monthly basis. Our approach is always graduated – meaning that we consider the cheapest and simplest sources of funds first and then bridge the funding gap with more expensive and more complex solutions.


We have close working relationships with most regional commercial banks and know how they tick


We have broad experience with obtaining funding from EU backed schemes and export/government development banks (SID, HBOR)


We nurture a wide net of high net worth individuals and companies looking to lend directly to businesses and can help you to obtain financing in situations that are to complex for senior bank lending


We have experience working with direct lending investment funds that offer mezzanine and uni-tranche financing


We can advise you on the merits and drawbacks of issuing debt securities such as commercial paper and bonds compared to other sources of funding

We will help you every step of the way

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend
the first four sharpening the axe.”

Abraham Lincoln